Environmental Health
June 2021
Number of Participants
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Pediatric and Women's Health in the Five Boroughs

Pediatric and Women's Health in the Five Boroughs, PWH5, is a multidimensional community-based study that was initiated in 2021. PWH5 addresses environmental health and wellbeing in a hyper-localized public health context. Specifically, we are examining pediatric population's and women’s perceptions and engagement with their natural and built environments. Endeavoring to fill a gap in research on how Black and Latino youth and women understand, relate to, and experience their external environments (and how this relates to their internal/domestic lives), PWH5 will employ a variety of methods, including focus groups and Photovoice, to explore these intricate themes.

Working in partnership with the New York State Water Resources Institute, NYC H2O, and other state organizations, we are recruiting and engaging a diverse range of youth and women across NYC’s five boroughs, to understand issues that are vital to health, climate change resilience, and environmental sustainability in racial/ethnic minority populations.