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Research Lateral, also known as ReLateral, is a new research endeavor based out of the University of California Berkeley that focuses on blending the strengths and insights of communities towards truth and reconciliation in public health. Our work involves Community-Based Participatory Research, an evidence-based approach to research that focuses on generating inclusivity and tangible benefits for study participants, from data collection through the dissemination of findings to policy/intervention implementation.

We operate from the understanding that research on social and racial inequity is frequently either very siloed and distant from target communities OR it's highly extractive and done without meaningful focus on long-term engagement and collaboration with communities. With this in mind, we focus heavily on real-world applications and best practices that are transferable, scalable, sustainable, and able to be implemented by communities rather than for communities.

Our name is meant to symbolize research where all in the research continuum share similar goals and aims and operate on equal footing in terms of decision-making and emotional labor. To do this, we work with communities to understand their priorities.

Operating with the Center for Cultural Humility, at the core of our work is indeed cultural humility--or attempting to recognize, understand, and affirm human differences and how they come to be.

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